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Stephen Schubert

Paul, Brad, Jorge, Server
Stephen has been acting ever since he can remember, starting with plays he and his cousins put on at his grandmother’s house on Christmas Eve for aunts and uncles.  The shared emotional experience created for the audience was priceless and he loves how the common project bonded their family. He performed in a few junior high school plays and then left acting until nearly 20 years ago when he got involved with the Focolare Movement, an  international community working for unity through building community.  With this movement, he started acting in a few small productions for Focolare events such as The Screwtape Letters and The Wizard of Oz.  Stephen also wrote and directed several episodes of short plays for children called Love Wars, a spinoff of Star Wars.  The Accountant and the Counselor stage play was his first play open to the public, followed by the audio series.  Having worked as a counselor, he is honored to be part of a production that so skillfully promotes mental health awareness.
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