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Brooklyn Revell

Ashley James
Brooklyn is an Atlanta native film and theatre actor, model, dancer, stage manager, performer and creative. She is absolutely thrilled to be contributing to The Accountant and the Counselor in her first voice over role! Being a huge advocate for mental health Brooklyn relates to her role of Ashley in a much bigger way. “For a long time I never thought I’d go to therapy, and now I laugh that I am the friend constantly pushing for meditation, exercise, journaling and taking care of yourself from the inside out.”

I would personally like to thank my family and my friends for being by my side through presentat  times and through all the good.
To My therapists, guru, and “big sisters” for constant push for me see what life has to offer.

To my coaches and teachers for constant push in my art and giving me so many creative opportunities.
And to my friend Ace for pushing me to be everything I want to be.
I am so grateful for everyone apart of this project and I hope we change peoples lives! 

Be true, be grateful, be you!
IG: princess_brooklynbb - keep up with the adventures or inquiries!
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